Most Popular Programming Languages That Are Worth Learning



JavaScript is a staple programming language for web development. Combined with HTML, this coding language helps developers build interactive website features. Front-end web developers rely heavily on this ubiquitous code. For beginners, Javascript is a great place to start. The syntax is easy to follow, and numerous online resources can help. The use of JavaScript is widespread because it works with all major web browsers. With compatibility in mind, most developers choose JavaScript as a go-to for website building.


C and C++ are ancient programming languages that date back to the 1970s. Despite their age, these languages are tremendously useful for foundational coding. Many modern coding languages trace their roots to C, so it’s incredibly helpful to familiarize yourself with the platform. Developers and engineers use C-based code for building computer programs, and developers use this versatile coding language to create a wide variety of products, from simple software to entire operating systems. One of the most popular C derivatives is the next language on our list.


Our next popular coding language is a member of the C/C++ family. Java ruled software development for decades and still reigns king in many industries. This coding language is popular because of its universal usability. Developers can write code in Java for virtually any device. Because of its broad compatibility, Java is a great language to master early. It’s a time-tested general purpose coding language with scores of online resources for beginners.


Like Java, Python is a terrific general-purpose programming language. It’s an open-source development tool based on the popular Django platform. This versatile code works just as well for simple projects as it does for entire software programs. Developers use Python all over the industry, so it’s a great platform to learn. If you’re looking for a logical, all-purpose coding language for software or web development, it’s a great choice. Big names like YouTube use Python throughout their operation to bring you the dynamic features you love.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It’s one of the most popular web development languages in the world, with over 80% of websites using it today. This code, like JavaScript, is used for a wide range of website functions, such as cookies and data management. Developers also use PHP as a tool to create complex and interactive website features for both static and dynamic websites. Coders often learn this language after HTML and JavaScript to add an extra layer of functionality to their web designs. While PHP isn’t as universal as other web development languages, it’s still a great tool for compatible systems.

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