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Python for Beginners

Python is a powerful, modern programming language that has the capabilities required for experienced programmers while being easy enough for beginners to learn. Python is a well-developed, stable, and fun programming language that is suitable for complex and simple development projects.

The Complete JavaScript Course - Beginner to Professional

Whether you want a career in front end or back end development - it's essential that you have a solid understanding of this versatile language. Come learn the #1 programming language in the world in this fun and exciting course.

Learn C++ Programming from Beginner to Expert

This course assumes no previous coding experience. It doesn't matter if you have never written any programs or you have no idea about programming... After this course, all of this will change. You will bust the myth that programming is a difficult thing!

Popular Coding Languages to Learn

C Language

One of the most important programming languages in the IoT system is C. This is the lowest layer of software that is close to the hardware. C has been the foundation for many other coding languages over the year. This makes its knowledge of the basic necessity for anyone in the IoT projects.


Java is the well-known programming languages used by the experts. They consider it is the best choice for IoT as it is known for write once, run anywhere. Developers can easily produce and debug code on their computer.


Python is mostly used for writing web applications, but it has gained popularity in the IoT system. It is an interpreted language that offers readability with syntax without compromising the size. This language has a large number of libraries. It can get more stuff done with fewer codes.

Small Tips to Code Better

Reach Out to Others for Guidance
Seeking help from professionals while learning a new skill is never looked down upon. As with many professions, a fellow programmer will likely not feel any hitch in sharing their knowledge with you.
Take Breaks to Get Refreshed
You’ve probably come across friends in the same profession burning the midnight oil, yet not arriving at the solution to a bug detected and reported by a client or testing team.
Use Online Resources
This, again, is not rocket science. When learning any subject in a traditional classroom, we sometimes stumble upon difficulties grasping the materials teachers teach us. And that’s when we seek other resources to get a better understanding of the subjects.


Rowland Marston

Co-Founder of Pixmigo Coding

Learning how to code is a process that will take a lot of time and energy from you. So before you start, you should really think about what type of learning process works for you. If you are well organized, self-motivated and like working alone then probably a good way to start is by applying to our online courses and kick-off there.

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